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10 Summer Holiday Activities

The summer holidays have officially started, which means you’ve probably already heard the words “I’m bored” more times than you care to count. Not to fear! We’ve put our heads together here at The Hub to come up with 10 summer holiday activities to keep the kids busy…at least for a while. Check out some of our favourite summer holiday activities below.

1. Summer Swimming

Remember how much fun swimming was when you were younger? And now that you’re a parent, you realise that it’s not only fun but an essential, potentially life-saving skill for your children to have. Sign up for swimming lessons at Splash or book a private family swim session to enjoy the pool to yourself.

2. Visit the Seaside

We’re lucky to live relatively near the seaside, so why not take a trip to Blackpool for a jam-packed day out! Try your luck in the arcades, turn your tummy on the Pleasure Beach or simply spend a day paddling in the sea. Don’t forget the famous donkey ride – a rite of passage for every child in the North West! If Blackpool is too busy for your liking, you could always try the quieter St Annes just down the road. There’s a huge beach, good cafes and a small amusement park to keep the kids busy.

3. Garden Assault Course

Another cracking summer holiday activity! Build your own assault course in the back garden; the harder the better! Include typical assault course activities like crawling through a tunnel or balancing on a beam, but make sure you add your own spin. Why don’t you bombard them with water balloons as they do or fill a ball pit for them to dive in and try to find an item? Make things interesting by timing them or letting the kids race each other. If you’re short on space, you could always take them to Air Unlimited in Burnley instead.

4. Pack a Picnic

One of life’s simple pleasures; get the kids out of the house for a picnic. Let the kids choose and make their own food. Those Nutella sandwiches you always veto? Let them have it as a one off, it’s the summer holidays after all! Just take a bat and ball and watch in amazement as they entertain themselves for hours.

5. Visit Some Furry Friends

One of our favourite summer holiday activities – you can’t beat a visit to the zoo! Blackpool zoo is more affordable than Chester, and you use your Tesco clubcard points to pay towards it. There’s also some great animal sanctuaries closer to home, caring for abandoned and injured animals. HAPPA are a horse and pony sanctuary, and they’re offering a grooming session for kids aged 4+ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer holidays. Even better, it only costs £5 plus entry ticket fees. Alternatively, you could make a trip to Bleakholt in Ramsbottom. Bleakholt is another amazing animal sanctuary caring for everything from cats and dogs, to goats and guinea pigs. Kids will love looking round at all the animals, especially if you’re adopting one…

6. Scavenger Hunt

We all love a scavenger hunt! Hide a special item somewhere and hide a trail of clues to help your kids find it. This can be done inside or out depending on the weather. If you have younger kids, you can adapt it by asking them to find items of different colours from around the house.

7. Yes Day

One of the scarier summer holiday activities on the list… a full day where you have to say yes to anything the kids want to do. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes. Shopping in your pyjamas? Yes. Buying a pony? Okay, maybe we’ll draw the line here.

8. Camp Out

Whether you head to a campsite or the back garden, it’s a well-known fact that kids LOVE camping. Setting up the tent, exploring the wilderness, sitting round a campfire – all core memories that your kids will remember for years to come.

9. Get out and get muddy

All the staff at Riverside Nursery can attest to quite how much children love getting muddy! Our mud kitchen and digging area are some of the most popular spots in our nursery gardens. So don’t let a rainy day keep you inside! Pull on some wellies and scruffy clothes, take them to a park and let them run riot. Knee slides, splashing, digging, the full works! After all, that’s what a washing machine is for.

10. Cook Up A Storm

Have some fun in the kitchen these summer holidays! Let the kids try these easy, healthy recipes.

Fruit Kebabs

This is a super easy, super healthy recipe to try! Buy lots of different coloured fruit, like strawberries, kiwis, purple grapes, pineapple, oranges and any other fruit that you enjoy. Chop them up, pop them on a kebab stick and enjoy.

Tortilla Pizza

A healthier alternative to takeaway pizza, you only need a few ingredients to make these tortilla pizzas. Spread tomato sauce across the tortilla, sprinkle cheese on and then add your toppings.

Chocolate Traybake

This chocolate traybake is another easy recipe for the kids to try. Perfect for kids’ birthday parties or a family get together.

So there you have it, 10 of our favourite summer holiday activities! We hope you enjoy the six week holidays and make lots of memories with your little ones. Remember to like our page on Facebook to keep up with all our summer holiday activities.