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10 Fun Activities to Do With Kids This February Half-Term

Yes it may feel like Christmas has only just been and gone, but February half-term is here already! We know it can be hard to entertain the kids during the February half-term; the weather is normally too bad to get out most days, but there’s no Christmas films to keep the kids satisfied. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for activities to do with the kids during the February half-term.

1. Valentine’s Day Treats

The first day of February half-term falls on Valentine’s Day this year, so why not take the opportunity to do some Valentine’s Day themed activities. An easy activity is making Valentine’s Day cards. All you need is pink and red card, safety scissors, pipe cleaners and LOTS of glitter. 

Another fun Valentine’s Day craft activity is making a Valentine’s wreath. You just need a paper plate, some paint and some heart shaped stickers and other embellishments. Just cut out the centre of the paper plate and leave them to decorate it how they want. The more the better!
Or you could do some Valentine’s Day baking. If you haven’t got the time (or the skill set) to bake a cake, you could just buy some heart-shaped biscuits, some pink and red icing, sprinkles and let the kids go to town. We also found this easy brownie recipe that you should be able to do with the kids. You get brownie points from your partner and actual brownies – it’s a win-win!

2. Burn Off Some Energy

We’re lucky here in Lancashire that we have so many amazing play areas nearby! Like Air Unlimited in Burnley, an inflatable course which is straight out of our 90’s child 50:50 dreams! Were you the blue or yellow team? Or there’s Jump Works in Accrington, packed full of trampolines to bounce between. Closer to home, there’s also Funtazia in Blackburn; a classic soft play area. Letting the kids blow off some steam is sure to leave them ready for bed that night!

3. Camp In

It’s far too cold to camp out at this time of year, but there’s nothing to stop you from camping in! Clear the living room and set up your tent or build your own den from sheets and pillows. Spend the day living like you’re really camping out – no lights, TV or electric in that room. Entertain yourself with board games and have a campsite classic like hotdogs or burgers for tea. The more you embrace it, the more fun it will be!

4. Visit Some Furry Friends

There’s so many farms and animal sanctuaries in our local area, which make great days out for the whole family. A visit to the Bowland Wild Boar Park is always a holiday highlight! Reopening for February half-term, you can wander round and see sheep, boar, cattle, rabbits and more, as well as take part in animal petting, chick holding and lamb feeding. 

If you’re in the market for a pet, why don’t you have a day out at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Ramsbottom? They take in dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea-pigs and even horses, donkeys and farm animals and rehome them. Take a walk round, have a picnic and see if there are any animals who are a potential fit for your family.
HAPPA (a horse and pony sanctuary in Burnley) would be the perfect day out for your horse-crazy kids! They have a Beginner’s Guide to Pony and Horse Care or Own a Pony Day for children over 7 years old, which teaches them all the basics of caring for horses.

5. It’s Showtime

Whether they sing, dance, act, or they’re a triple threat, kids love putting on a show! Ask them to come up with a show for you to watch in the evening and rehearse it all day. It could be a reimagining of their favourite film or an original screenplay. Tell them you want the full works, costumes, lights and sound effects – that’s sure to keep them busy!

6. Cook Up A Storm

Kids in the kitchen might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but with the proper supervision and some child-friendly recipes, it’s a great way for them to start learning a vital life skill. Depending on their age, you could have them making quick lunches or small treats. Here are some great recipes we’ve found:

7. Dressing-up Time

There’s nothing little ones like more than throwing on a costume and playing princess/superhero/doctor for the day. So get involved in the fun and dress up yourself! Go all in with hair and makeup too. Another fun idea is to let the kids dress up as the parents and you dress up as them and switch roles for the day. They get to tell you to tidy your room and you get to mess up theirs!

8. Follow the Leader

Get out of the house and let the kids lead the way. Make your way to a walking trail like Pendle Hill, give them a map and a compass and ask them to get you from A to B. You just might want to wait for a dry day, as it might take a little longer than usual!

9. Build a Bird’s House

There are lots of bird houses online which you can easily slot together and leave the kids to build and decorate on their own. This will teach them the beauty of building something with your own two hands and comes just in time to watch the little chicks hatch in Spring!

10. Embrace your inner scientist

A trip to Eureka is never a bad idea! This interactive museum helps children learn about everything from the human body to electricity, whilst playing and having fun. You still have to book in advance, so pack up a picnic and hit the train to Halifax.