Adult Swimming Lessons

If you never learned to swim as a child or just don’t feel confident in the water, you’re far from alone.

But the good news is that it’s far from too late to learn. Every year, thousands in the UK learn to swim in adulthood.

Swimming has numerous physical and psychological benefits, and is an excellent way of meeting the government’s target for adults of exercising for at least 30 minutes five times weekly. Swimming burns up to 350 calories in half an hour, while numerous studies have pointed to this activity’s positive impact on well-being.

Equally, with some 400 people drowning in the UK every year, learning to swim could save your life. If you have children, there are numerous benefits to swimming with them as well, and you could share your newly acquired knowledge with your family.

It needn’t take long to become competent in the water as an adult. With just a couple of lessons a week for a few months, you can master the basics.

But, of course, it’s vital that you find a class that works for you, and that’s where The Hub at Riverside comes in.

If you’re looking for adult swimming lessons in Blackburn, see what we have to offer before you do anything else. Our instructors are all fully qualified up to ASA/STA Level 2, and are very used to dealing with nervous and beginner adult learners.

At our purpose-built swimming academy, we teach everyone from the tiniest tots upwards, and also have specialist aqua natal sessions. In terms of teaching adults, we can offer both group and one-to-one classes, depending on your personal preference. What’s more, our ultra-modern facilities make taking the plunge a pleasure every time you get in the pool.

We can help whether you’re a complete novice or if you learned to swim in childhood but just want to brush up on your technique and improve your stamina and speed.

We’re open between 830am and 10pm so, as your confidence grows, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to put what you’ve learned into practice. We have many family swim sessions as well, and are based right next to the centre’s nursery, which can look after youngsters from three months up to school age.

Book your first swimming today and start learning in a safe, fun environment at The Hub at Riverside.

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