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Splash Babies

Splash Babies

What better way to introduce your baby to the water and promote water confidence than our specially designed Splash Babies course?

Introducing your baby to swimming at an early age improves water confidence and is also said to aid brain development.

Our Splash Babies swimming course is designed to help your baby feel at ease and confident in the water – with an emphasis on fun! Your baby will love coming to Splash Babies and enjoy the experience of freedom of movement, relaxation and bonding.

The aims of these sessions are to:

  • Introduce parents and their infants to routines and guidelines that promote safety in and around the water
  • Instruct parents in methods that will help infants to be confident and happy in the water and willing to learn
  • Assist infants to become familiar with the water
  • Promote water confidence at an early age
  • Submersion Techniques used to aid development
  • Introduce aquatic activities which may lead to development of age appropriate aquatic skills in infants
  • Provide experiences that encourage infants to return to the water willingly
  • Provide opportunities for parents and young children to share in social activity

With a warm pool temperature of 31 degrees and baby changing facilities available in both male and female changing rooms Splash at The Hub Riverside makes it easy to take your baby swimming.

Our Splash Babies course is a 30 minute parent and child class for 3 month to 12 month old babies.

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