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Swimming Lessons in Blackburn and Darwen

Splash Riverside provides swimming lessons for children in Blackburn and Darwen, from the ages of 3 months upwards. We’re committed to teaching your child to swim in a safe, stimulating environment. We use the latest teaching techniques, as well as lots of fun toys and games. So if you’re looking for swimming lessons in Blackburn and Darwen, choose Splash!

Why Choose Splash

Learning to swim is so important! It’s a great way to keep fit and healthy, and could potentially save your child’s life one day. Here at Splash, we believe the sooner children get swimming, the better! That’s why we offer swimming lessons from the age of 3 months upwards.

We have a great team of swimming teachers, all first aid trained and qualified to Level 2 or above. We follow the STA Starfish scheme for babies and toddlers, to introduce them to water safety and confidence from a young age. Then at ages 3-4, we’ll start them on the Ducklings scheme. From the age of 4 years and above, we follow the ASA swim stages. Starting at Stage 1, where children learn to swim 5 metres and float on their backs.

We also like to make our swimming lessons fun! We understand that children learn the best when they’re stimulated, which is why we use a variety of learning tools in our lessons. That includes floats, toys and weights for children to retrieve. We’ll make sure everything is age and skill-level appropriate.

Brilliant swimming lessons for little ones, they make it fun and are supportive when the little ones get overwhelmed. Would definitely recommend – Laura

Excellent highly recommended my little girls first swimming lesson and the swimming teacher is amazing – Nikki

My 3 year old daughter has swimming lessons here, the staff are all really friendly, the place is spotlessly clean and the swimming instructors are brilliant, she really enjoys it and is making real progress in her swimming. – Natalie

Safety-first Swimming

Safety is our first priority at Splash. Swimming is a vital, potentially life-saving skill that we believe every child should have. But, of course, we recognise that any time children are in water there is a potential threat. 

To combat this threat, all of our swimming lessons take a safety-first approach. We’ll start by teaching your children about basic water safety, including how to get in and out of a pool safely. All of our staff are first aid trained, so they can provide initial treatment if necessary. We also only have small class sizes, so that staff can keep an eye on all the children. We also insist that parents either join lessons (with babies and toddlers) or stay in the viewing area. After all, every extra pair of eyes helps. 

You can rest assured that when your children are at Splash, they’re safe.

Baby Swimming Lessons

We offer swimming lessons to babies and toddlers from the age of 3 months and above. These lessons will introduce your little one to basic water safety and confidence skills. These are 30 minute parent and child classes, where parents join us in the water. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your baby and help them feel more confident.

1 to 1 Swimming Lessons

Here at Splash we understand that every child is different! Some children might need a bit of extra help to get them swimming. That’s why we’re happy to offer 1 on 1 lessons in school holidays for children who need additional support. Get in touch to find out about availability and prices of 1 to 1 swimming lessons.

Family Swim Sessions

Want to get into the water yourself? We have a limited number of private family swim sessions available every month, so you can get the whole family into the pool. It’s a great, fun way to put those swimming skills to practice outside lessons. To enquire about family swim sessions, please give us a call on 01254 679828.

Swimming lessons in Blackburn and Darwen

If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Blackburn and Darwen, please get in touch below. We’ll get back in touch with availability and prices.

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