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How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

To stay safe from the Covid-19 pandemic, schools are only accepting children who’s parents are key workers, and many of us are faced with spending a lot of time at home.

Keeping the kids entertained during this time can be a challenge, but being stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to go berserk with boredom!

Relaxing at home may have sounded amazing at first, but let’s face it, too much time inside can make you stir-crazy – especially with the kids running riot. Here are some ideas to help you to keep them entertained:


1. Create a Daily Schedule

Create a Daily Schedule

School kids are used to having a daily routine, so inputting some structure into their days at home will help keep the chaos to a minimum. Let them create their own timetable, so they feel like they’re involved with the decision – this will make them much more likely to stick to it.  Think about allotting time to eat, to exercise, to learn, play, do jobs around the house, have some free time and get some fresh air.


2. Write An “I’m Bored” List

Write An “I’m Bored” List

You’ve probably heard the dreaded words ‘I’m bored’ 100 times already, and no solution you suggest seems to be good enough. Get each person in your family to list ideas for what they can do when they get bored. Then use the list when you get bored – simple! This way, the ideas will be their own.


3. Make a Fort

Make a Fort

Making a fort never gets old. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your kids out of trouble for a few hours, plus, it’s cheap. Let them use old cardboard boxes or blankets and pillows to transform their bedroom into the most epic fort ever! You may even find yourself wanting to join in with this activity.


4. Baking & Cooking

Baking & Cooking

Everyone in the house needs to eat, but why not make mealtime prep fun? You’ll feed the family, teach the kids some skills and keep them entertained all-in-one. Turn your kids into little chefs by letting them help with mixing ingredients, cracking eggs and the best bit – licking the bowl! There are plenty of easy to follow baking and cooking recipes that they’re sure to love.


 5. Play Dress-Up

Play Dress-Up

Let them raid your wardrobe or the fancy dress box, get dressed up in their favourite garments and strut their stuff! This activity is a great way to get your kids to use their imagination and pretend to be whoever they want. It’s fun for them and fun for Mum and Dad to watch.


6. Put On a Talent Show

Put On a Talent Show

Everyone loves a talent show. This idea is one that the whole family can join in with, after all, the only thing more fun than watching is participating! Maybe your kids are bursting with talent that you know nothing about. Now is the time for them to showcase their best skills, from singing and dancing to magic tricks and drawing.

With any luck, the above ideas will keep your little ones entertained for a while. Give our Facebook page a follow for more ideas. 

In the current situation, remember to:

  • Keep any gatherings small – ideally between the people in your household.
  • Avoid contact with anyone you think has come into contact with the Covid-19 virus.
  • Provide lots of hand wash and hand sanitiser if you have it.
  • If you live in close proximity to other people, be wary of them being outdoors.

Check isolation and social distancing guidelines for more information.