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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Here at The Hub, our nursery kids love craft time! With Christmas just around the corner, we’ll be planning lots of festive fun for them, including plenty of arts and crafts. 

Christmas crafting is a great way to keep your little ones occupied throughout the build-up to the big day.

The things you create make for lovely personal holiday decorations that you can use anywhere in your home and are also great for gifting. 

The kids at Nursery love these so much that we thought we’d share our ideas to spread some cheer. 

1. Christmas Character Sweet Pots

Christmas Character Sweet Pots

Character candy pots are an easy way to get creative this Christmas, they’ll look so cute dotted around your house or on the table, and you can have sweet treats readily available to snack on!

Turn little plant pots or candle holders into characters! Think reindeers, snowmen and elves made from felt, pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes and whatever else you can think of, and then fill them with your favourite sweets for the whole family to enjoy.

See a tutorial for this over at Crazy Little Projects.

2. Cupcake Christmas Trees

Cupcake Christmas Trees

Okay so we don’t mean actual cupcakes, just liners folded and stuck together in the shape of a Christmas tree! Look for green, red, gold or silver liners for a fantastically festive look, but you can use any colours you like. You can even decorate them with glitter, sequins and stars which the little ones will love.

We saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was super created and cool! They look great on Christmas cards and trees and garlands too.

3. Paper Plate Santa

Paper Plate Santa

Let your kids get in the Christmas spirit by making the big man in the red suit out of paper plates! All you’ll need is paper plates, card, paint & googly eyes if you want to take him to the next level.

Tip- half a plate is great for the head, then add on a Santa hat made of card.

4. Paper Straw Christmas Trees 

Paper Straw Christmas Trees

We love this idea from Crafts by Courtney! These cool mini Christmas trees made out of paper straws are easy to build and make great decorations. All you’ll need is some paper straws, hot glue, scissors and some sparkly paper for your star. Adult supervision is needed for younger kids.

5. Reindeer Baubles 

Reindeer Baubles

We stole this idea from Little Bit Funky, but it’s just too good! Take a bauble, some paint, pens and your child’s finger, and you’ve got yourself some fingerprint reindeer baubles. These will look amazing on your Christmas tree for years to come. If you’re feeling super creative, you could also make some fingerprint snowmen baubles too!

Take a look at Little Bit Funky’s blog for an indepth tutorial.

6. Toilet Roll Snowman

Toilet Roll Snowman

The best thing about this idea is you can use materials lying around the house and recycle your used loo roll! Take the cardboard and draw on your snowmen, googly eyes really bring them to life, along with ribbon scarfs and ear muffs made of pipe linkers and pom poms!

7. Pasta Christmas Tree’s and Wreaths

Pasta Christmas Tree’s and Wreaths

Pasta cards are a classic, we all remember making them at nursery and school, so it’s only right we continue the traditions with a dash of Christmas magic! 

You can let the kids use their imagination here and make pretty much anything they want out of painted pasta, although we think Christmas trees and wreaths look the best. 

Michelle over at Crafty Morning shows a lovely example of a green wreath, check it out for some inspo!

8. Xmas Cards

Xmas Cards

Last but by no means least, the classic Christmas card. We love hand-making cards here at Riverside nursery, and there’s no doubt the recipients love them just as much! Let the kids get as creative as they want and encourage them to write loving messages to their nearest and dearest.

Hopefully, you’ll spend many fun-filled hours Christmas Crafting with your family thanks to some of these ideas. It really is a great way to spend a winters day and a lovely bonding activity. Enjoy guys!