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How to Make This Christmas Extra Magical For Kids!

December is here, which means the countdown to Christmas is officially on! Last year we didn’t get to celebrate Christmas like we normally would and kids missed out on the usual festive activities like nativity plays, Christmas light switch on’s and visits to Santa’s grotto. So this year, we’ve come up with some fun, inexpensive activities to make this Christmas that little bit more magical and memorable.

Extreme Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the shelf has only been around for a couple of years, but it seems to have sealed its place as a favourite Christmas tradition for many families now. It can be hard coming up with 24 different scenes to put this mischievous elf in though, so we’ve listed some of our favourites below:

  • Crash landing – have your elf arrive in style, as they crash land in the Christmas tree. Put the elf in a plastic cup halfway up the tree and tie a helium balloon to it, so it looks like their hot air balloon drifted a bit off course.
  • Snack time – that naughty elf has been trying to steal snacks whilst everybody else is in bed. Cut a hole in a Pringles just big enough to have the elf’s head sticking out and have the kids try and help them out.
  • Snow angels – this is a lovely Christmassy scene, but will take some cleaning up after. Pour some flour on the floor and make a snow angel shape with your fingers, before laying the elf on top.
  • Caught red handed – sure to outrage the kids, let them catch the elf trying to steal their pocket money. Leave a piggy bank on the table with pennies scattered around it and put the elf’s hands inside. Top marks if you make them a robber’s mask and burlap sack.
  • Chef Elf – the elf has been making themselves at home by whipping up a Full English. Put some fried egg sweets in a frying pan and put a spatula in the elf’s hands.
  • Wrapping things up – on Christmas Eve, wrap the elf up and leave a note saying they were practicing their wrapping to help Santa but got themselves into a bit of a pickle and need your childrens’ help.

Have Your Own Christmas Disco

Primary school discos used to be the highlight of the year when we were younger. Recreate that magic at home by having a night in with the kids dancing to Christmas songs. Get all dressed up in your favourite Christmassy outfits – let the kids choose their own outfit so it feels extra special – and lay out a buffet with all their favourite foods, sweets and drinks. Then, crank those Christmas tunes up and get dancing! Bonus points if you have a disco ball!

Christmas Games Day

Plan a day packed with festive games to really get your kids into the Christmas spirit. Some of these look so fun, we’re thinking of pitching them for the Riverside Christmas do. They’re probably even better after a couple of Proseccos.

  • Oven mitts wrapping – get the kids to race each other wrapping presents whilst wearing oven mitts. It’s sure to result in a good few laughs, but just make sure it isn’t your present they’re wrapping. All you need for this game is a couple of boxes to wrap, some sellotape and some safety scissors for kids.
  • Jingle all the way – hide a little Christmas bell somewhere in the house when no one’s looking. The first one to find the bell and ring it wins.
  • Christmas Pictionary-ish – okay, this is a bit of a DIY festive spin on the traditional Pictionary. First, a judge should come up with an idea of something Christmassy to draw – from the easy like a snowman, to the hard like a sleigh. They should put these all in the middle and split the players into teams. The picturists will pick a piece of paper at random and they have to draw what it says on it. The first team to correctly guess what’s being drawn win the point.
  • Fill the stocking – hang a stocking up for every player and have them stand the same distance away. Give them each a small bouncy ball or ping pong ball which they must try to get in the stocking.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Okay, this is hardly innovative, but hear us out. Don’t just sit on the couch and watch a Christmas film, go all out! Get the kids to make themselves a cosy Christmas den by hanging bed sheets and piling pillows on the floor. Then, make a shopping trip specifically for film snacks and let the kids pick all their favourite treats to gorge on. We’re thinking Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Kinder Buenos, a box of Celebrations and pick and mix! Just before you start your film, make the ultimate Christmas hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, a flake, the lot. Then you’ve got your perfect Christmas film night, cosy in your Christmas den with lots of chocolates and sweets, and a hot chocolate to wash it down.

Santa Scavenger Hunt

Build up the excitement on Christmas Eve by sending the kids on a Santa scavenger hunt! Leave a note from Santa telling the kids that he’s left them their first present somewhere in the house (it doesn’t have to be a present if you don’t like opening presents before Christmas, it could just be some chocolate coins). End the note with a clue about the location of the next note, until they finally find their present.

So those are our ideas to make this Christmas a little bit more special this year. After all, when we look back at Christmases from our childhood, we probably don’t remember exactly what toys we got or how much it cost, we remember the people we spent it with and the memories we made.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at The Hub and wishing you all the best for 2022!