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Daily Routine

The daily routine for your child may vary depending on their individual requirements, and also the room they’re in.


A warm welcome for the start of the day! Breakfast served until 8.30am, if required.


There will be several indoor and outdoor activities on offer in each age group where the children are encouraged to choose which activity they would like to participate in. This encourages children to make choices and become independent thinkers.


Snack Time!  This is a lovely social occasion for the children to enjoy a little relaxation time and enjoy their snack.  This will consist of either toast, crumpets, fruit bagels and a drink of milk or water. Within Lower & Upper this is a rolling snack time where activities are still accessible.

11.30 – 12:00pm

Lunch Time! Another social occasion where lunch is served out for the younger children. The older children will be encouraged to make their own choice and serve out their own meal, again encouraging an independent mind. Our staff sit with the children at all mealtimes to encourage conversation and social interaction. Lunch is followed with a pudding.


Sleep time for the children that require a rest during the day.  This could be in a cot, on a sleep mat or in a cosy nest – wherever is best for the child.  We’ll set out activities for those children that don’t sleep during the day, or the children can choose just to have a little ‘calm time’.


Continuous provision of both indoor and outdoor activities, to encourage the children to make their own decisions. Play may be adapted in the moment to suit the children’s interests at the time.


Afternoon teatime! A light tea is provided for all the children. This may include homemade soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, jacket potato’s, followed by a pudding. The daily menu is always displayed on the blackboards just outside the kitchen for you to see.


Continuous provision resumes both indoors and outdoors! All areas are enhanced in the moment to suit the children’s interests at the time.


Home Time! The nursery closes at 5.45pm prompt!

Staff are at the nursery until 6pm to risk assess and prepare for the next day.

Sports – Friday afternoon (UPPER) Talk first – Friday morning 9.30am (LOWER) 10am (BABIES)

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