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Daily Routine

The daily routine for your child may vary depending on their individual requirements, and also the room they’re in.


A warm welcome for the start of the day! Breakfast served until 8.30am, if required.


There will be several activities on offer in each age group where the children are encouraged to choose which activity they would like to participate in, to encourage children to make choices and become independent thinkers and doers!


Snack time. This is a social occasion for the children to enjoy a little relaxation time and enjoy their snack which normally consists of pancakes, toast, crumpets or bagels and a drink of their choice. Return to more activities!

11.30 – 12:00pm

Lunchtime. Yet another social occasion where lunch is served for the younger children, and the older children will be helped to self serve, again encouraging an independent mind. Our Staff will sit with the children at all meal times, encouraging conversation and social interaction with each other.

12:00 – 1:30pm

Sleeptime for the children that need a rest during the day. There are rest/sleep/cosy areas in the Baby Suite and Lower Riverside, or quiet activities for those children who would just like a little ‘chill-out time’.

For children attending on a part-time basis, the morning session ends at 12:30pm, with the afternoon session starting at 12.45pm.


Activity time again, with some of the same activities being on offer, but enhanced to encourage development, and of course some new activities. Outdoor play, weather permitting will always be offered & encouraged.


Tea time. A light tea will be provided such as soup, sandwiches, pasta etc. This is intended to see the children through until dinner time at home.


Group activities to provide the final social interaction of the day prior to home-time.


Home time.


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