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Baby Suite Playroom

Our baby suite cares for up to 18 babies from 3 months and 2 years old. We have a ratio of one member of staff to three babies. We use a keyworker system and provide a relaxed and homely environment to ensure that the transition between home and nursery is as easy and smooth as possible for both you and your baby. 

As well as sensory games and activities, there are comfortable and inviting quiet areas with many opportunities to ‘snuggle in’!

The baby suite follows the Early Years (EYFS) framework, promoting the prime areas of learning. Whether during art activities, baking, building, story time or rhyme time, each activity is carefully considered and serves to promote your child’s development.

For all children we offer:

  • A smooth transition from your home to nursery.
  • Days structured around the ‘Early Years’ framework.
  • An online learning journey, including photos and works of art!
  • Learning through interaction and exploration.
  • A purpose-built food preparation area.
  • Staff ratio of a minimum of one member of staff to three babies.
  • Daily report on your childs sleeping, eating and toileting via the Parent Zone app


We run an exciting programme of daily activities designed to fill your child’s days with laughter. Not only that, but we’ll involve you at every turn, displaying all daily activities and events on our planning display board.

Talk First

Every week in Baby Suite we have Julia from Talk First come in to teach baby sign language! Research suggests signing babies can communicate complex things earlier, many experts suggest this stimulates brain development and enhances the building of brain circuitry.

You can learn more about Talk First by visiting their Facebook page

Dedicated to early years childcare

All achievements and developmental milestones are recorded in your child’s online learning journey, which is a record of their time at Nursery. It will include photographs, activities and fridge-worthy works of art you can be truly proud of!

Days full of fun

There are many experiences for children to explore with ‘imaginative’, ‘exploratory, ‘sensory’, ‘small world’ and ‘physical areas’ which keep our babies very busy indeed! Our Baby Suite has lots of open space so your baby can roll, crawl and walk freely. We also participate in heuristic play, which will increase your baby’s imagination and development, setting them up for progression to Lower Riverside.

Our early years childcare celebrates the fact that children need to develop from birth, learning through interaction and exploration of the world around them. Babies will take part in a range of activities whilst at Riverside Nursery, including messy play with paint, water and shaving foam, as well as Talk First sessions to aid language development.


We understand that the right nutrition is just as important to a child’s development as learning and sleep, especially at this crucial age. As a result, here at Riverside Nursery, we place special focus on food and nutrition.

Nurturing healthy babies

Our Baby Suite includes a pre-designed area for milk and food preparation where we will follow your baby’s feeding routine. When the time approaches for ‘weaning’, please speak to your baby’s keyworker so that we can follow your specific requirements and introduce nursery food.

Daily reports

We’ll keep you in the loop about everything your child experiences at Riverside Nursery. Details of your child’s day at nursery including meals, sleeps and nappy changes will be documented on the ‘ParentZone’ app.


Every child is allocated a key worker before they start with us at Riverside. The key worker is responsible for forming the first relationship between you, your baby and ourselves, and will be the first point of contact for any communication between us. Your key worker will keep you up to date with your child’s learning and development at our termly parent’s evenings.

In our Baby Suite, the staff ratio is 1:3. The team consists of a senior member of staff and 7 other practitioners, who may work full-time or part-time. The staff are all qualified at various levels from level 3 up to Level 6. We also have an apprentice in the baby suite who is not counted within the staff to babies ratio, but is a great ‘extra pair of hands’ as they learn.  

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