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Lower Riverside

Your child will progress into Lower Riverside any time around their 2nd birthday, as and when their individual development dictates. The children are cared for in Lower Riverside until around their 3rd Birthday.

Personal Development

  • Individual development is encouraged and promoted for each child
  • Information is shared between the Baby Suite and Lower Riverside to ensure a thorough transition for every child
  • Lower Riverside work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • Staff ratio in Lower Riverside is a minimum of 1 member of staff to 4 children

The children are encouraged to express themselves through a wide variety of activities, therefore developing social and emotional skills and promoting independence. Activities are planned for each child, based on specific observations that have been carried out by the Nursery Practitioners. These activities can be carried out on a one to one basis, in small groups or as a whole class! The children follow a daily routine and have the opportunity to take part in both adult led or child initiated activities. A record of which is kept in each childs online learning journey.

When the children move into Lower Riverside, they are allocated a new Keyworker. Parents/guardians are given the opportunity to meet their child’s new keyworker before the transition from the Baby Suite to Lower Riverside takes place. The staff team and parents/guardians always work closely together, striving for the best possible care for each and every child.

Activities in Lower Riverside

Lower Riverside has a well-stocked ‘Book Area’ to encourage Communication & Language Development. The children also enjoy singing and nursery rhymes. In the ‘Role Play’ area, the children have the opportunity to ‘dress up’ and enjoy imaginative play. The ‘Mark Making’ area, the ‘Painting’ area and the ‘Workshop’ area , are favourites with a lot of the children as they are able to draw, paint, make junk modelling, ‘write a letter’ or, just be creative.

The ‘Construction & Small World’ Area has a variety of different resources many of which help the children to develop fine motor skills. The children also enjoy pouring and measuring in the sand and water area – this is ideal for mathematical development. The children are able to access the outdoors ‘whatever the weather’, we just ask that you provide suitable clothing.

Talk First

Every week in Lower Riverside we have Julia from Talk First come in to teach baby and child sign language! Research suggests signing babies and children can communicate complex things earlier, many experts suggest this stimulates brain development and enhances the building of brain circuitry.

You can learn more about Talk First by visiting their Facebook page

Our Little Library

Every week the children in Lower Riverside have the opportunity to choose a book to take home for a week from our little library. The children can read and talk about this book at home with their parents and when they bring it back into nursery, the children are encouraged to talk about the book with our staff and other children.

Having so much fun and excitement can be very tiring for a 2 year old, so if they do need a little rest during the Nursery day, the children will have their own individual sleep mat and blanket to enjoy a nap

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