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Upper Riverside

 Upper Riverside


Children will move into Upper Riverside around their 3rd birthday, where they continue to build on skills gained in Lower Riverside

Making Progress

Play becomes more investigative now with many new activities being introduced. In order to promote a new understanding of the environment, the surrounding space is filled with colourful displays including examples of children’s work.

We continue to investigate the world around us by venturing out into our community… and even inviting certain aspects of the community in to meet us, such as the Fire Brigade, Community Police Officers, Dentists etc.

Swimming lessons

Parents have the option of adding swimming lessons as an extra circular activity once the children move through into Upper Riverside and are fully toilet trained. This is a great opportunity for your child to build their confidence and develop independent swimming skills through structured swimming lessons.

For the Pre School and Nursery lessons Duckling levels one to five will be used, these improve water confidence and introduce water awareness and basic swimming techniques. The emphasis is on structured play, games and swimming exercises to build confidence and gain a good body position in the water.



Once a week the children take part in sports lessons provided by Mark and Karl from Sportz4All. These lessons aim to encourage basic skills and physical development, as well teaching the children about sharing, taking turns and working as part of a Team. Sportz4All incorporate the EYFS as much as possible into their routines, the sessions culminate in a sports day for our school leavers in the summer term – which parents are welcome to attend.


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