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Spring has Sprung: Here’s 7 Springtime Activities To Get Ready For the New Season

Spring has to be one of our favourite seasons! Blue skies, light nights, the first blooms of the year – it provides an instant lift to our mood. Spring also marks a time of change as we emerge from our winter hibernation mode, so here’s 7 Spring activities to help you get ready for the new season.

Set Goals

We know the new year is supposed to mark new beginnings, but let’s be honest, you make a resolution and then you’re faced with cold, rain and darkness – it’s enough to demotivate anyone! Spring is a season of change and growth, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make a positive change in your life. 

When setting goals for springtime, ensure that they are reasonable and achievable. For example, don’t try to jump from no exercise to going to the gym 5 times a week. Instead, chunk your ultimate goal up into smaller goals. In the first week you might attend an introduction class to learn how to use all the machines, in the second week you might try to go twice, and so on.

Get Out Into The Garden

We’ve spent months locked indoors during winter, but now the sun is finally back and we can reconnect with nature – where better to do this than your own back garden? Invest a small amount of time from your evenings and weekends to transform your garden into a peaceful haven where you can enjoy the sunny weather. So get out the lawnmower, pull on your gloves and get gardening.

Head to your local garden centre and pick up some flowers to brighten up your garden. You could plant these from seed, pot them or get a hanging basket. You could also start your own vegetable garden, where you grow fruit and veg to use in your summer salads. It might take a little work, but think of those long summer night barbecues – then it’ll all be worth it.

Enjoy the Outdoors with the Kids

Most parents are probably sick of being cooped up in the house with the kids, so take advantage of the better weather and get outside. Here’s some of our favourite outdoor activities for families:

  • Peep Behind The Curtain – you might know this game as red light, green light, thanks to its inclusion in Squid Games. Whatever you call it, the rules are the same. The person who is ‘it’ stands at the front facing away from the group. Everyone else has to try and tag them to win, but they must freeze when the person who’s ‘it’ turns around or they’re out.
  • Picnic – okay, this is hardly innovative, but you can’t beat a picnic in the Spring. Whether it’s in your local park or by the sea side, pack all your favourite finger foods and snacks to pick at. Chuck in a football or a bat and ball and let the kids run free.
  • Parachute Cat and Mouse – you’ll need a parachute to play this, but don’t worry, you can buy a games parachute pretty cheap online. One person is the cat on top of the parachute and one person is the mouse under the parachute, whilst everyone else holds the edge shaking it up and down. The cat must try to catch the mouse in 90 seconds or they lose. Then, the mouse becomes the cat and another player becomes the mouse.
  • Sardines – this is a spin on the classic hide and seek. One person must go and hide and everyone else must go and look for them. When someone finds the person who has hidden, they must then join them in their hiding place. The last person to find everyone hiding loses.
  • Spot the animal walk – this one’s probably best for young children. Print off a sheet with photos of farm animals and take them for a walk by your nearest farm and they can tick off the animals that they see.

Spring Recipes

During the winter months, you need hearty, warming meals to keep you going – not salads! Now that Spring has arrived though, we can start to enjoy different foods again.

For a breakfast that puts a spring in your step, why don’t you try and make your own acai bowl. A favourite with influencers for its instagrammable appearance, all you need is frozen acai puree (available on Amazon or Ocado), frozen fruit (we recommend bananas, blueberries and other berries), milk, yoghurt and granola. First, pop your frozen acai puree, frozen fruit, milk and yoghurt into a blender and blend. This will leave you with a delicious smoothie base, which you can then sprinkle with granola and freshly cut fruit. The perfect, refreshing spring breakfast!
For tea, why not try your hand at this delicious cajun chicken and black bean salad recipe we found. It’s the perfect tasty tea to enjoy in a bit of late night sunshine, plus it’s healthy too! It’s a win-win!

Spring Clean

It’s surprising how much clutter accumulates over the winter months, so a spring clean is in order! Whilst spring cleaning might not be the most fun, you’ll feel much better for doing it. Here’s some of our tips for a thorough spring clean:

  • Declutter – this goes for clothes, decor and furniture – if you’re not going to use it, get rid. There’s no point having them gather dust in your home when someone else could get good use out of it. Where possible, try to donate to charity shops or sell on sites like Gumtree, Depop or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Work top to bottom – start with dusting down windows and shelves, otherwise you’ll clean the floor and then cover it in dust again.
  • Try natural solutions – lemons, baking soda, vinegar and, of course, water are as good as branded cleaning solutions and they aren’t as bad for the environment. Try and switch to natural cleaning solutions where possible, which are often less expensive. For example, put your showerhead in a bag of white vinegar overnight to break down build up.
  • Pack your winter clothes away – bulky jumpers and big puffer jackets take up a huge amount of wardrobe space, so pack them away into plastic tubs under the bed during the spring and summer months.

Brighten Up Your Interior

Once you’ve got a clear, clean space, you might find that it’s in need of a little TLC. That doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on a complete refurbishment, but simply spend a little money in the right places. For example, you might notice the walls are looking a little dull, so give them a fresh lick of paint to brighten them up. Or perhaps you bought cushions in a dark red velvet which look great at Christmas, but are a little too heavy and dark for spring. Buy some cushion covers in a light spring colour, like a mint green or baby blue. Another great way to refresh your interior is dotting greenery around the home which will create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in.

Refresh Your Look

Your home might not be the only one in need of TLC this Spring! We all tend to let our self-care slip during the winter months, but Spring is time to focus on feeling good about yourself and what better way to do that than a makeover? We’re not saying you need to completely change how you look, it could be small changes like promising to moisturise every day so you have soft, glowing skin by the summer. 

But if you do want to make a more drastic change, it’s best left to the professionals! Book in at our salon for a hair transformation, whether you’re going for a big chop or finally dying it the colour you’ve always dreamt of. To book, call our salon on 01254 690138.

So those are our 7 Spring activities to get ready for the new season! We hope you make the most of this lovely season and get out and enjoy the better weather!